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TheLoupe® is Heritage Appraisers' proprietary software, providing a solid foundation for all our appraisal services — whether in-person, via mail, or through our virtual platform.

TheLoupe’s digital platform delivers reliable and consistent jewelry appraisals and enables appraisers to generate detailed, e-signed appraisal reports accessible both online and in print.

Retail partners gain real-time insights with tools to track appraisal sales and generate reports across individual stores or the entire organization.

theloupe jewelry appraisal software

Explore TheLoupe®: Key Features & Benefits

theloupe quality and consistent appraisals

Ensure quality and consistent appraisals.

Heritage Appraisers ensures each appraisal meets our high standards through real-time oversight and continuous appraiser development.

theloupe scure access worldwide

Securely accessed anyplace, anytime.

Access your appraisals securely from anywhere with internet connectivity. Our cloud storage allows for easy updates and revisions, including client information changes, with enhanced security measures.

theloupe apprasial updates

Streamlined appraisal updates.

Returning clients enjoy hassle-free updates without the need to present previous documents, plus automatic reminders for valuation refreshes every three years.

theloupe data potection

Increased safety and reduced risk of data loss.

Benefit from robust data protection with TheLoupe's continuous backups, minimizing the risk of data loss and keeping information safe on secure servers for you and your customers. 

theloupe friendly user interface

User-friendly interface for all.

Streamline operations with our platform's quick learning curve, accelerated appraisal process, robust sales tracking for retailers, and easy report access for customers.

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