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You outsource your repairs; now outsource your appraisals, too. Heritage Appraisers provides high-quality jewelry appraisal services to over 230 jewelry retailers nationwide. Our purpose is to provide people with comprehensive, unbiased, factual, and professional appraisals that meet their insurance and personal needs.

In addition to providing trustworthy appraisals, retail partners see the benefit of adding bottom-line revenue, diversifying service offerings, increasing jewelry repairs, and building customer loyalty.

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Appraisal Events

Turnkey, fully-staffed events that provide appraisals while your customers wait.


Express Mail-In Appraisals

Diversify your revenue and bring customers back into your store through our express mail-in service.


Virtual Appraisals

Earn incremental revenue on new product purchases and keep customers protected.


Track Appraisal Status

Stay updated on your appraisal activities

Easily track the progress of mail-in appraisals plus items from appraisal events that needed more research with just one click. Access a detailed status report complete with shipment tracking links for your convenience.

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Host a successful event, completely turnkey with Heritage Appraisers.

  • Schedule event dates with Heritage Appraisers.
  • Market the events to your clientele and pre-book appointments.
  • Invite clients to pre-drop their items while confirming appointments.
  • Host a successful event, completely turnkey with Heritage Appraisers.
  • Engage customers who return to pick up their appraised pieces.
  • Offer post-event appraisals for those unable to attend.

Draw Customers in with an Appraisal Event

Host turnkey, fully-staffed appraisal events in your store

Host appraisal events to cater to clients needing insurance updates or assessments due to life changes. Our experts offer on-the-spot comprehensive reports, attract new patrons, and can appraise any jewelry, regardless of purchase origin. These events can also boost your revenue through repair services and in-store shopping opportunities for waiting customers.

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Expand Your Services with Express Mail-In Appraisals

Offer appraisals year-round without adding staff

Offering a constant revenue stream, our no-overhead express mail-in service can boost your profits without additional resource investment. They drive store visits, increasing customer engagement and potential sales. Plus, appraisals can reveal repair opportunities, offering more ways to serve and satisfy your clients.

How Mail-In Appraisals Work

  • Set up a mail-in appraisal account with Heritage Appraisers.
  • Promote jewelry appraisals in your retail store.
  • Intake items for appraisal and gather necessary customer info.
  • Send the items with a return label to our lab.
  • Once completed, the items will be sent back to your store.
  • Your client will receive an email to access their appraisal online.
  • If requested, your client will also receive a printed appraisal packet.
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Stop Giving Away Point of Sale Appraisals

Earn incremental revenue and enhance customer trust

Is your store suffering from a backlog of appraisals because you give appraisals away for free with new purchases? Earn incremental revenue and enhance your customer experience with our Virtual Appraisal service.

Virtual Appraisals are a remote service offered for new items purchased within the past twelve months. Additionally, the time-limited nature of Virtual Appraisals encourages customers to revisit your store after a year.

Offer virtual appraisals in-store as an add-on to new purchases or direct-to-consumer through your website by simply utilizing a Heritage Appraisers affiliate link.

✓ Your system must allow for integrated APIs through a cloud-based inventory system such as, Crystal, or Shopify.

✓ Connect your database with Heritage Appraiser’s proprietary software, TheLoupe, via an API. This connects our systems in order to seamlessly share jewelry data.

✓ Our appraisers leverage the connected systems to pull necessary data for the piece(s) being appraised.

✓ Clients will receive an independent appraisal from our appraiser that they can access and forward to their insurance company.  We always recommend that clients confirm with their insurance provider that a virtual appraisal is an acceptable appraisal for insurance coverage of new purchases.

✓ Virtual Appraisals for new purchases are less robust than standard appraisals and are valid for one year. These reports include basic information, a description, and a value; pictures are not included.

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Elevate Your Jewelry Business with Expert Appraisal Services

If you're a jewelry retailer interested in enhancing your customer offerings with in-store appraisal clinics, streamlined outsourced appraisals, or convenient virtual appraisal services, we're here to help. Contact us to explore how our services can best meet your needs.

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