Professional Jewelry Appraisal Services

Heritage Appraisers is the only nationally established “While You Wait” retail jewelry appraisal company in the United States. Founded in 2006, Heritage Appraisers currently operates in over 200 retail and affiliate locations throughout the United States.

We created a network of appraisers nationally to provide our clients with a “While You Wait” appraisal service. Heritage Appraisers accomplished our goal by creating a platform, practices and methodology that would attract some of the best jewelry appraisers in the industry to join our network.

Created using quality, accurate jewelry appraisal documents accepted by all insurance companies.

When you select Heritage Appraisers as your source for jewelry appraisals, you get:

  • Experienced Graduate Gemologist Appraisers
  • Convenient “while-you-wait” service
  • 24/7 access to your appraisal
  • Access to one of our nationwide appraisers

What to Expect?

What type of appraisal do you need?
We can provide you with Insurance, Estate, Fair Market Value, and Divorce/Property Disillusion.

Who will perform the appraisal and what are their credentials?
Our appraisers are degreed Graduate Gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America, members of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, and allied with many other notable professional organizations and identifiers.


How long will the appraisal take?
Based on the complexity of your item being appraised most items can be completed while you wait.


Do you need to leave your item to be appraised?
You can choose our “While you Wait” or leave your item(s) to be picked up at a later time.


Where is my appraisal stored?
Appraisals are stored on our private proprietary secured server.

Portrait of a jeweler during the evaluation of jewels.

How long has your company been in business?
Heritage Appraisers has been in business since 2006 and continues to increase its footprint throughout the United States.

Types of Appraisals

Insurance Appraisals
These are the most common appraisals performed by appraisers. The appraiser will use all available current market information to determine the value of the item being appraised. The value may vary from what a client may have originally paid for the item.

Values are based on the current market value - - not necessarily what the retailer may have sold the item for. There are many factors that will determine the appraised value of an item. Some conditions that could affect the appraised value might be brands, designers, promotional sale prices, or a retailer’s profit margin.


Vintage or Estate Appraisals
These appraisals use a different methodology process to determine their value because these items are often no longer in production.
Similar to home appraisers, jewelry appraisers may use comparable prices from auctions, private sales, manufacturers, and/or designers to authenticate and value these items.


Fair Market Value
The fair market value is the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.


Appraisers use some of the same methodology used in an estate appraisal when establishing an FMV appraisal. Items being appraised for Fair Market Value may or may not be items that are available in the retail market. Researching online sales, pawnshops, and auction sales may help to establish FMV.