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Protecting Your Diamond

You may be wondering how much you need to be concerned with protecting your diamond. And the answer is more than you may think! Although the vast majority of retail jewelers are completely ethical, every once in a great while, you unfortunately read about diamonds being switched out.

That’s why you’ll be assured to know that at Heritage Appraisers, we utilize technology called GemPrint. Did you know that just like a fingerprint, each diamond is completely unique? Through GemPrint, we’re able to take your diamond’s “fingerprint” and log it into the GemPrint system. From there, it’s transferred to a national database including that of the FBI.

That’s some pretty strong security protection when it comes to identifying your diamond and keeping it safe.

Gemprint diamond fingerprint

Benefits of GEMPRINT for your diamond

Let us help safeguard your diamond today.

When stolen jewelry is recovered, the diamond’s GEMPRINT® can be matched with an ID in the database. The added security of GEMPRINT® entitles you to receive discounts from insurers in the U.S. and abroad.

GEMPRINT® has aided in the positive identification of tens of millions of dollars worth of lost or stolen diamonds, and current diamonds that have been gemprinted include the Hope Diamond.

Here are just a few reasons why registering your diamond is a smart decision.

Peace of Mind

You never have to worry again when you leave your treasured engagement ring to be reset, repaired, or cleaned. GEMPRINT® allows you to verify the identity of your diamond with absolute confidence.

Investment Protection

If your diamond is ever lost or stolen, notify GEMPRINT® immediately. Your diamond will be flagged in the GEMPRINT® database, helping to speed recovery.

Insurance Discount

Over 30 international insurance companies provide a discount on your insurance premium of up to 10%. The annual savings you realize will recover the registration fee in just a few years.

Forensic Evidence

The GEMPRINT® registration of your diamond is a court-accepted means of irrefutable evidence proving ownership and protecting your investment.

gemprint fingerprint system