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Regardless of where your jewelry was purchased, Heritage Appraisals delivers accurate and timely jewelry appraisals.

Getting your jewelry appraised is a practical step to safeguard your valuable possessions. While homeowners insurance typically covers personal property, it often has limitations when it comes to high-value items like jewelry. These policies usually impose caps on jewelry reimbursement that might not fully reflect the worth of your pieces. Additionally, they may not account for market fluctuations or specific circumstances like accidental damage or loss. By obtaining professional appraisals for your jewelry, you can provide your insurance provider with accurate valuations. This enables you to explore specialized coverage options or endorsements, ensuring that your cherished jewelry is adequately protected in the event of unforeseen events or accidents. 

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Considering an appraisal with Heritage Appraisers is a smart move to protect your valuable jewelry. You can easily book your appointment with one of our qualified, GIA-educated appraisers who offer the added convenience of a 24-hour cancellation policy, making the process flexible and tailored to your schedule and needs.