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Heritage Appraisers offers a variety of solutions for retail stores, independent jewelry appraisers, and insurance claim representatives.

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  • New Revenue Streams
  • Flexibility to control your profit margin
  • New ways to engage your customers
  • Build relationships that lead to repeat business

Gold chains and various jewelryAppraisal Clinics

The Appraisal Clinic is a high-touch service in which certified professionals perform appraisals onsite. You are able to take advantage of high level expertise without the overhead of additional staff.

  • Guidance and tools to sell the service, set appointments, and prep for the clinic
  • Convenience of waiting onsite or same day service
  • Jewelry kept secure during appraisal, will never leave the store premises
  • 3-year unlimited access to their appraisal via The Loupe

Man inspecting a jewelMail-In

Our Mail in service enables you to offer a convenient service to your customers that comes at little up front cost to your store.

  • Jewelry secure onsite
  • Quick turnaround, expedited service available
  • Customers have 3-year unlimited access to appraisals via The Loupe
  • GEMPRINT®, diamond fingerprinting services available
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Heritage Appraisers' Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for independent appraisers to increase revenue. Work with the top jewelry appraisal company in the country and watch your business grow.

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The Loupe

The Loupe, jewelry appraisal software can be your most powerful tool for your appraisal business. Designed for both the beginner and experienced appraiser, The Loupe allows you to effortlessly move through a complete appraisal with accuracy and speed. Click here to learn more about The Loupe.

  • Increase productivity
  • Operate from anywhere
  • Manage existing and new customers
  • High return on investment


As a GIA GG and independent fine jewelry appraiser, who has worked with a few different jewelry appraising software programs over the last 20 years, I can honestly say that The Loupe has been my favorite by far.
- Jodi Hudson, GIA G.G.


As a seasoned jewelry appraiser I have used several software programs over the years and have found the Loupe very easy and efficient to use. It's extremely intuitive and the learning curve is short. All of the important features I need are there, and it instantly creates a digitally signed pdf for emailing the client when I'm done. That's a feature many other programs do not do and one that I cannot do without. Highly recommenced!
- Kevin Carpenter G.G., Expert Jewelry Appraisers LLC, Ponte Vedra beach, FL

Smiling business peopleJewelry Replacement Services

Our team of professionals can help your claim representatives recover lost or stolen jewelry for your policy holders by finding the closest match to what they lost.

  • Replacement service available even if Heritage did not do the original appraisal
  • Heritage will get you the best possible price available
  • Jewelry restoration
  • Personalized jewelry replacement

Protect your diamond with GEMPRINT ®


GEMPRINT®, the world's most sophisticated, non-invasive, and positive identification technology that records the unique optical 'fingerprint' of each diamond, is now available at Heritage Appraisers Inc.'s Beachwood, Ohio Jewelry Appraisal location.